Pets 4 You

Pets 4 You

Are you thinking about pets 4 you.  A pet can add joy to life.  Taking care of a pet creates a routine in life.  Even personal safety is a reason to think about a pet.

Why Pets 4 You?

  Sage Learns a New Trick

“For elderly pet owners, ………  pets can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase social interaction and physical activity and help them learn.” This is what Barbara Ballinger wrote in her article called “The Healing Power of Pets for Elderly People” published at

Pets are Fun

Whether watching the flowing fins of a Beta fish or riding a horse, there is always something fun about spending time with a pet.  Of course, larger pets pets 4 you can bring joy and companionshipmore require attention.  However, the larger the pet the more a relationship can be built.  For example, fish and reptiles will respond to their owners when receiving food.  Larger pets bond more easily with their humans.  Daily, thousands of people raise their spirits by watching videos of cats flushing toilets and horses playing in the snow.  Certainly, animals are great, but pets both are fun and responsibility.

Pets Create a Routine

For example, Sage, the pup ringing the bell in the video, eats twice daily.  She goes for a walk at 4:00.  At 8:30 she likes to go outside before sleeping.  She has a “going for a ride” ritual.  Consequently, Sage’s routine is our routine. But, its good for us.  Without the structure of work outside the home, routines keep us moving through the day.  Naturally, we do things for any pet like feeding, watering, cleaning and even maintaining health.  Fortunately, pet routines can keep us on track with our personal routines.

Pets are a Comfort

Certainly, most people do not get a pet because they dislike the animal.  For example, someone who enjoys fish can make great pets 4 youbirds probably won’t want a snake.  By the same token, a person who loves fish may not want to take care of a small pig.  When you enjoy your pet, you are proud of it.  Consequently, you enjoy watching it and are thrilled when your pet does something new.  A healthy pet is fascinating.  Conversely, signs of ill health cause worry. Any comment about your pet starts a conversation about the why’s and how’s of owning your pet.  Certainly, many people find that a pet provides a focus for part of their life.  Happily for many seniors, when they may feel out of touch with former coworkers or even adult kids, they are absolutely necessary to their pets.

Which Pets for You

In fact, from Iguana’s to lambs, almost any kind of animal can become be a pet.  However, choosing the right pet, whether you are experienced with pets or a first time, is important.  As a result, there are lots of questions to ask when you think of what are the right pets 4 you?


Things to Think About

Here are a few things to think about as you decide what pet and which pet.

  • Regulations – Are there building, neighborhood, community pet regulations?
  • Living space – What space is needed inside and outside for a pet?
  • Equipment – What special equipment is needed for the pet to be comfortable.
  • Cost – How much will getting and keeping the pet cost?
  • Care – How much work is needed for a happy, healthy pet?
  • Allergies – Do you or a family member have an allergy to the pet?
  • Longevity – How long might the pet live?
  • Insurance – Are there issues with your insurance because of this pet?
  • Neighbors – Will the pet affect the neighbors in any way?
  • Travel – Where will the pet be when you are traveling?
  • Weather – How will the weather where you live affect your pet?
  • Health Care – Is there a good vetarnarian to care for your pet?
  • Rescue – What are the organizations  near you to explore rescuing a pet?
  • Feelings – How will this pet make you feel?

You can benefit from answering the question “Which Pets 4 You?”  As a senior, you can gain a great deal of happiness by giving a loving home to the right pet for you.

Take a moment to share your thoughts about this page in the comment section below.  Do you have a pet?  Are you thinking of getting a pet in the near future?

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3 years ago

Having a pet is really fun and if you are a pet lover you’ll be very happy dealing with generally and that is exactly the situation that I’m in and I have three dogs that like play a lot. They have a careful routine and it’s really fun because they end up engaging my daughter which she really loves to do. 

3 years ago
Reply to  Justin

Three dogs sounds fun.  Thanks for taking the time to write a comment.

3 years ago

You really hit the nail on the head on what let’s are for us. I think your information is really good because many people think that pets are nothing but a mess but those who have made them a part of their family understand what it means to have a companion, a comforter and a joy bringer too. Like you said, pets are fun once we know which pet is best for us.

3 years ago
Reply to  Suz

Pets are therapeutic for sure.  Thanks for the comment.

6 years ago

You touched on some wonderful bases with this article. I feel most, not all, seniors could do well with a companion. Thank you for sharing this story and information with us.

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