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Digital World Devices Drive Me Crazy

Digital World Devices Drive Me Crazy

We are living in a digital world.  On the one hand, we can find out how to do anything quickly. But passwords and system up-grades rule our lives.  For many seniors, this digital world is hard to navigate.

Living in a Digital World

We are living in a digital world. Electronic circuits were miniaturized in the late 1950′ with the invention of the micro chip.  The digital world has been growing since then.   Despite almost 7 decades to adjust, I still have trouble with digital devices.  I have learned how to deal with new digital devices so that, at least, I am not intimidated.  I always do 6 things when using a digital device that I have not used before.

Do the digital changes in the world some times frustrate  you?  Do my 6 steps to dealing with the digital world work for you?


Old school technology was usually pretty complicated.  But, I was used to it so it didn’t intimidate me.  Think about a typewriter.  There was a complicated machine.  After rolling one sheet of paper into the machine, that sheet had to be centered and Typewriters are more complicated than digital world machinessquared using two or three different levers.  Then the paper had to be advanced by hitting a lever to leave a top margin.  A tab key was hit to indent for a paragraph.  Shift keys and shift lock keys were used to set capitals.  Ink for printing was held on cloth roll.  Changing that roll was a complicated, messy process.   Multiple copies called for carbon paper which meant another complicated, messy process.  This Smith-Corona Electra was top of the line.  If a person could use a type writer, a cell phone or keyboard should be easy.

Drink Vending Machines

A coke machine was another complicated machine. After dropping your change into the slot, there were various ways to get your drink. All of them involved pulling a bottle out of a mechanism.  If your pull was not the right strength or speed, you often lost your change.  Selecting the proper number for your drink, in an automatic digital world drink machines have no moving parts.machine was tricky.  A wrong selection number would deliver the wrong drink.  The drinks in these machines hung up about 1/2 the time.  The digital machines are actually easier to use and more reliable.  There is a huge variety of drink combinations to choose from.  If you pick the wrong drink, hitting the “back icon” starts the process over.  There are no moving parts to the digital drink machines of today.  Digital machines are intimidating, but more efficient than manual models.

At the Counter

Remember the good old days when you spoke to a clerk, receptionist  or server at the doctor’s office or a fast food restaurant?  It was easy to ask questions, find a rest  Digital world menus eliminate staffroom or place a very specific order.  Not anymore.  Digital is much more efficient.  Digital devices have allowed many businesses to cut back on staff.  Where a server was needed at each cash register in a fast food restaurant to take orders, that function can now be eliminated.  Where a receptionist  was needed to check to make an appointment, record intake information and maintain the appointment schedule, a touch pad now does all the work.  Most of these digital pad are intuitive, but I still find them intimidating.  There are always major delays if a pad stops functioning because there is not enough staff to pick up the slack.

Dealing with the Digital

  1. Tell yourself that if a 3 year old use digital things, you can, too.  My 3 year old granddaughter often said, “Papa, push this picture.”
  2. Know your information before you start.  Pausing as you use a digital machine can sometimes cause it to time out.  For me, the stress of choosing an icon and deciding what information is needed is too much.
  3. Make your choices slowly.  Carefully look at the choices for each entry.  Pushing the wrong icon can take you to a completely new place in the system.
  4. Make sure of your aim as you push each icon.  Pushing the wrong icon can take you to a completely new place in the system.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  If staff can be found, they can help.  The people behind you that your a delaying will probably also help.
  6. Make sure that you complete the process.  Not finishing the process can sometimes mean that you must start over.  Others cannot use the device until you have completed your session.

This banner points to financial freedom.

Pets 4 You

Pets 4 You

Are you thinking about pets 4 you.  A pet can add joy to life.  Taking care of a pet creates a routine in life.  Even personal safety is a reason to think about a pet.

Why Pets 4 You?

  Sage Learns a New Trick

“For elderly pet owners, ………  pets can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase social interaction and physical activity and help them learn.” This is what Barbara Ballinger wrote in her article called “The Healing Power of Pets for Elderly People” published at

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Lunch at John Steinbeck’s House

Lunch at John Steinbeck’s House

I am not sure why, but as senior citizens, my wife and I have become more spontaneous.  Today, for example, we just decided to have lunch with John Steinbeck.  Well, not exactly with John.   We ate in the living room of his boyhood home.

 What’s Your John Steinbeck House?

Most towns have an interesting place or event nearby.  One, in our town, happens to be the Steinbeck House.  Although I have lived in the area for over 20 years, I had never been in the house.  What are the Steinbeck Houses near you?  They are the interesting places that people from out of town travel to see… the interesting places that you just don’t visit?


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Senior Citizen – Age, Activity, Attitude

Senior Citizen – Age, Activity, Attitude

My sisters Jane and Juliana with me.

Who is a senior citizen?  My grandfather was a senior citizen for the entire time I knew him.  My Dad was a senior citizen for most of my life.  Suddenly, I am a senior citizen. I hope this website helps you as I figure out how to be a senior citizen.

When are You a Senior Citizen?

My grandkids ask me to tell them about the “olden days.”  I have people at stores ask me if I need at hand.  Am I a senior citizen because I have white hair?  Am I a senior citizen because of my age.  Possibly, its because of how organizations and the government view me.

When I think about my grand-parents and my parents at my age, I am very different from them.


I think differently than they did.  I find that I am more interested in many things than ever before in my life.  For that reason, I am on the go a lot more than my parents.

They were skeptical of new food, new politicians and new experiences.  They were particularly skeptical of new ideas.  I find all of that exciting. My outlook on life is different from my parents and grandparents at my age.


I can’t lift as much as I used to.  I can’t run as fast as I did when I was younger.  But I have the same energy as I always have.  At least, I think I do.  Aches and pains not withstanding, a day of hiking or an hour of swimming or basketball still feels good.  I try to walk, not jog, 5 miles daily.


My next birthday will put me two years over the age to receive Social Security.  I will have had MediCare for 3 years on May 8th.  Websites ask me to scroll way down to reach my birth year.  As far as the government is concerned, I’m senior citizen.

Who Are Senior Citizens?

When does senior insurance kick in?  There are AARP Insurance plans 50, 65 years olds can access.  Is everyone in that age range a senior?  Many people say that 10,000 baby boomers world wide turn 65 daily.

Glen Kessler wrote in an article dated July 24, 2014:

“Ten thousand people a day is certainly a big number. Over 365 days, that’s almost 4 million people. But then everything about the “Baby Boom” generation is pretty big.  There were 76 million people born between the years 1946 and 1964, the traditional window for the baby boom generation. That means that they will retire over a 19-year period. Simple math shows that 76 divided by 19 is 4 million, or almost 11,000 people a day.” USA, LLC

That’s a lot of people.  When I go the store, I see people about my age everywhere I look.

What Do Seniors Mean to the World?

Many people who study demographic trends and their results think that this number of seniors will impact the world economically.  With health care improving and nutrition standards rising world wide, seniors are living long.

A Senior citizen have time to sit and relax.
Juliana and Ginger, my wife.

“Business Insider”, in a article,  speculates.  “America’s 65-and-older population is growing rapidly thanks to the aging Baby Boom generation.  This means more and more people are dropping out of the labor force and spending less and less money.”   This is seems to be the case world wide.

“Global Health and Aging” observes.  “In 2010, an estimated 524 million people were aged 65 or older—8 percent of the world’s population. By 2050, this number is expected to nearly triple to about 1.5 billion, representing 16 percent of the world’s population.”

Wikipedia states that almost 27.6 percent of the world’s population is presently under 15 years of age. Yet people are living longer. The birth rate annually doubles the death rate world wide.

Seniors have built upon the foundation of the past in all areas of life. They will be dependent on others to provide their long term future.

Why This Website?

This website is for me. That’s not why its named after me.  I am this domain name because my son bought it for me 15 years ago.  I wanted to keep using it.

I’m a senior. What does that means for all areas of my life. I hope this website can be a place where other seniors share their experiences.  I need to know how others are handling what I am handling.  There will be no order to the articles on the site.  I am planning to write as I do things.  I also want to share what Ginger, my wife and I do, and other family members, as well.  Enjoy the site.  Let me know what you do in similar situations.  Share what being a senior citizens means to you.


Take a moment to share your thoughts in the comment section below.  Are you a senior?  Do you seem different than you parents did when they were your age?