The age that defines a senior varies from group to group.  “Baby-boomers” is the name given to the generation which includes senior citizens.  A portion of the baby-boomer generation are also called “retirees.” Social Security benefits in the U.S. are an entitlement at 66.  The MediCare program can be accessed at 65.

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Senior citizens enjoy working

The National Council on Aging says that, “By 2019, over 40% of Americans aged 55+ will be employed, making up over 25% of the U.S. labor force.” (

“Seniors” to the NCOA are anyone 55 + years of age. People born from 1946-1960 are also called baby boomers.  This group is often extended out to those born through 1965.

The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCEP) is a federally targeted program operated by a variety of state, county and local programs.  Offering qualified people employment in many fields from translation to carpentry.

Senior Citizens are Employable

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It is estimated by many sources that there are as many as 76 million baby boomers are presently living in the U.S.  Although subsequent generations outnumber baby boomers, they are a significant portion of the work force in the U.S and world wide.

Senior citizens are employable because:

  • Years of work experience has given them a great deal of expertise.
  • They have time to work the hours offered by employers.
  • Seniors are often free of family obligations.
  • Paid benefits for seniors may be less than for other workers.
  • The emotional maturity of most seniors eliminates many work problems.

Why Work?

This is a question every senior needs to ask themselves.  Here are 4 common reasons why Seniors look for work.

  • There is a financial need.
  • Many seniors want to have more contact with people.
  • There is a need to feel a sense of accomplishment outside the home.
  • Some seniors are bored if they are not working outside the home.

If you are a senior starting to look for work, at least ask yourself these 8 questions.

Senior citizens need to ask questions.

If you answered “No” to more than 4 questions, you probably are not ready to work.

What About This Job?

Of course, any job, for which a person is qualified, is open to a senior citizen.  But there are jobs that put expertise and life experience to good use, which may never have been considered before.


Seniors have a huge amount of expertise regardless of job they have done throughout their working lives.  Someone who has worked in an office for decades has a pretty good idea of how an office should be organized.  A person who has been a server, most of their working life, knows exactly what kind of training is important for new workers.  A life-long construction worker has a lot of experience around safety and efficiency.  Senior citizens need to look at their work experience and ask themselves others can be benefit from all they have learned.


A degree is not necessarily needed to share life experience and advice. There are people from all walks of life who need guidance because of substance abuse, financial, problems, shopping habits sickness, concerns about kids and a myriad of other problems.  People approaching their senior years often need guidance and advice.

If you have lived through it, you can probably guide others on the same path.

Think about your life experience.  What have you overcome?  How have you adjusted to life?  What are the agencies in your town or county that are there to help people who are going through what you have experienced?

Home Business

There are lots of different ways to create a home business.  The internet has seen to that.  Its important to make sure about legitimacy if a designed program or format is the base of a home business.  I know people who have started a business around creating cups.  An artist flair can be turned into a home business with social media as a marketing tool.  How to Youtube videos, blogging, self-publishing that book you have always wanted to write are just a few examples of wonderful home business that can be created with time and inspiration.

A home business can be as simple as making pies for local restaurants or as international as affiliate marketing. The question to begin with is “What is Your Passion?”


Every community has the needed for experienced, willing volunteers.  Hospitals can never get enough volunteer personnel.  Faith communities often need administrative help or people willing to visit in homes.  Communities are always looking for volunteers with green thumbs to keep the town planted and looking fresh.

The reward for volunteering is personal fulfillment.  Giving your time and expertise is a wonderful gift.

Within these 4 categories are hundreds of jobs.  Research each in your community to see exactly what is available or needed.  Then you can decide what to do.

Please comment on this article below.  Are you a senior citizen looking for employment?  What would you like to do?  Are you already employed.



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Kenny Lee
Kenny Lee
7 years ago

With life expectancy increasing in many countries, it is too early for retirement to come at 55, or even 60. Senior citizens who retired too early are not only a loss of experience to the country but could also develop anxieties and other health issues when they are out of the job market. I’m not a senior citizen but I feel countries need the knowledge that they still have much to offer.

7 years ago
Reply to  Kenny Lee

You are so right. As I look back over a long career, I see it as an educational time to help out now.  Thanks so much for your comment.

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