Lunch at John Steinbeck’s House

Lunch at John Steinbeck’s House

I am not sure why, but as senior citizens, my wife and I have become more spontaneous.  Today, for example, we just decided to have lunch with John Steinbeck.  Well, not exactly with John.   We ate in the living room of his boyhood home.

 What’s Your John Steinbeck House?

Most towns have an interesting place or event nearby.  One, in our town, happens to be the Steinbeck House.  Although I have lived in the area for over 20 years, I had never been in the house.  What are the Steinbeck Houses near you?  They are the interesting places that people from out of town travel to see… the interesting places that you just don’t visit?


Pick a Place and Go

Most senior citizens have just as many commitments as they did in their younger years.  With kids gone, more free time can be used  to concentrate on themselves. Spontaneity was difficult with school meetings, work, baseball practice, meals, family laundry, kid time, etc., etc.  Find out what great places and events are close to you  and go enjoy them.  There are cultural festivals, unique restaurants, great museums and galleries, wonderful places to enjoy the outdoors, homes of famous people, amazing tours.  Be spontaneous, pick a place and go.

What Do You Enjoy?

Make a list on paper, on your phone or in your mind of what you enjoy doing or the things that interest you.  Then compare that list with places to go near you and go.  If a place or event is further away, figure out when going might be possible.  Its less spontaneous, but still fun.  For example, I am interested in Victorian Architecture.  I have enjoyed reading John Steinbeck.  In fact, I once used the character Lennie, from Of Mice and Men, in an audition.  I love spending time with my wife.  I am often seen eating.  The Steinbeck House was the perfect place for us to visit.

Create Memories and Traditions

A memory is just that.  Something that you remember.  Finding your Steinbeck House could make a memory.  A tradition is something that is done over and over again.  Your Steinbeck House might become a tradition.

We enjoyed our spontaneous lunch so much that we decided to do it regularly… make it a tradition.  New things can surprise us like our spontaneous lunch.  The restaurant was staffed by women in period dress who were welcoming and friendly.  The service was great!  We had a chicken wrap and a cup of clam chowder for lunch.  We also shared a chocolate ice cream cake dessert.  The service, menu and dessert tray made this a place a tradition for us.

Its possible that one time at a new place will be enough.  It could even end up being a bad experience.  In that case, don’t go back.  But it might be a fantastic experience to enjoy again.  Think about what you like to do.  What are your interests?  What new thing do you want to experience?  Their are probably many Steinbeck Houses near you.  Find the one that matches your “want to” list and go.

Take a moment to share your thoughts in the comment section below.  What are the Steinbeck Houses near you?  What was your last spontaneous outing? USA, LLC






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